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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This & That...

It's been a little while since I updated so I thought I would go ahead and say a few things...

I've been helping my mom at Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, they have a big event coming up next Monday called Swing for Sight and they've been going through some changes in staff there so she's really short handed and because I'm unemployed, I have the time to help out. I actually joined their "Taste for Sight" committee, that event is held on July 30th, so don't be surprised if I start hitting some of you up for donations! I don't really know anyone in OKC, and all of my connections are in Tulsa so hopefully you guys reading this will be able to offer a helping hand! Also, thought that being on this committee might help me network to find a job...

Still trying to find a job, well, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life... I keep waiting for God to give me some clear answers but seems like he's not giving them to me, that, or they just aren't clear enough for me! ha!

Still working on forgiving some people... I have about a dozen that seem to be really hard to forgive, but I'm pressing forward and praying for help in that area. This past Sunday, the pastor was talking about Honor... and how "Respect is earned but Honor is given" considering some of the people I need to forgive are most of the people that I'm suppose to be honoring, this seems to be a very difficult thing for me. I mean, how can you honor someone you don't respect? I'm asking for direction and hoping that in time I will figure this out. My timing and God's seem to be a little off, but I'll keep you posted when he clues me in! :)

I'm also back on my Root beer kick, that I thought I had actually kicked several months ago... at least it doesn't have any caffeine, maybe a little better for me than Dr. Pepper... although for those of you that know me(DP ADDIC) I would prefer to have an IV put in of straight Dr.Pepper! Guess that's not possible. :/

Well, I suppose that's all I've got for now... please continue to pray God shows me what he wants me to do with my life! I hope everyone is having an awesome week! Keep Smilin' :)

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