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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prevent Blindness Oklahoma---Sip for Sight

Friday my mom and I headed to Tulsa to help prepare for the Sip for Sight Gala. The PBO Tulsa office has about 20 stairs, that we had to go up and down, carrying boxes of things needed for the event... well, I just happen to be so graceful, I fell down 3 stairs! Leaving me with some pretty ugly bruises and thoughts of me bursting a breast implant. Classy, I know! After finally getting everything loaded and taken to OSU-Tulsa (Where the event was held) we went to our hotel to get ready for the Patrons dinner... (luckily I got to skip out on that event and go see my best friend Emily and Ellie!) Where they had the Patrons dinner was BEAUTIFUL, a couple volunteered their house for the event! Here are some pictures from it!
Mom and I getting ready for Friday night.

From Left, Melanie-Event Coordinator, The couple that volunteered their house, and Margaret- PBO Tulsa Administrative Assistant

Some of the sponsors for the event

Where some of the guest sat for the fancy dinner!

Beautiful pond at the couples house!

My mom and I didn't get back to the hotel until after midnight on Friday then Saturday we woke up at 7:30am to start another long day!
Here are some pictures from OSU-Tulsa, where we sat everything up for the evenings event!

We went home after setting up to get ready for The Sip for Sight Gala! Here are some pictures from the event! Numerous restaurants came out such as, Chalkboard, The Melting Pot, Charlestons, and many more! With at least 100 different wines to taste!

Me and my mom getting ready for Sip for Sight!

Some of the vendors that helped make this event possible!!!
It was a great evening and raised a lot of money to go towards Children's eye screenings! Thanks to everyone that came out!
What a great weekend! :)

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