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Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's been awhile, time for an update!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated... life has been moving at supersonic speeds lately and I am learning to be a more flexible with it all. So I decided today, I would try and catch this thing up!

I've been working for the Wilson Insurance Group for about a month, I really love it there and have made some really fabulous friends! Steph and I hit it off right from the start and immediately were bff's! lol! And Steve is great as well! For one of the first times in a LONG time, I actually enjoy getting up and going to work! So that's awesome!

Last weekend my bff Shayla came up for the holiday weekend, we had a blast, as always and I spent most of this past week trying to recover. I swear, I am not use to staying out as late as I have been the past few months, but I am having fun and meeting new people, which I would say is a good thing.

Grandma is still not 100%, She goes tomorrow for some more test... we just keep waiting for them to pin point exactly what's wrong and fix it... hopefully by my next update I'll have some good news!

I've decided to start growing my hair out, we'll see how long that last, but I really want long hair again, so hopefully I can have enough patience to see it through.

Still a vegetarian... and loving it! No cravings for meat and feeling better daily, well, except for this weekend, I think it's just my allergies but I've really felt like crap the entire time. lame. I have started drinking Dr.Pepper again... I only drink about 1 a day, but I seriously LOVE IT! It's like my crack or something. haha! I'm going to try and stop drinking it, but we'll see.

Still looking for a decent man, do any of you know one out there??? Hook a sister up, if so! Like one that actually gives a crap about me (the person) and not me (the body). I'm over all of these guys just looking for one thing, I don't have time for the bs and I'm certainly better than all of that. I would like to find someone that has his life put together, christian, no kids, never been married, honest, loyal, fun, comes from a divorced family (preferably), and one that doesn't think/talk about sex all the dang time... does this guy even freakin' exist???? If he does... he must live across the world and I'm never gonna find him. Everyone says, once you stop looking then you'll find the "one" well, I stopped looking a long time ago, and instead I just keep running into frogs, where is my prince charming? Seems to me, all of my friends are finding their prince charmings and I'm left with a wedding announcement that isn't mine. Please don't take it that I'm not happy for all of them, just curious as to where they are finding worthy men... I must be swimming in the wrong sea or something. Maybe one day I'll find the love of my life in the grocery store, over the canned squash (yes, they have canned squash) until then, I'll try to be content with just having a good time with friends, although pretty soon, all of my friends are going to be married. ha.

Ok, so enough about my man hating... I hope everyone is doing great! I'll be in Tulsa this next weekend, so hit me up if you want to hang!
Have a great week friends!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lots of new and exciting things...

Lots of new and exciting things going on in my life but none that I will be posting on here due to certain people continuously wanting to keep my name in their mouth and just not leave me alone!

BUT... I will say this, my grandma had another procedure this week and everything went well. We see her primary care physician tomorrow and we are hoping for some direction as to what the next step is! Her blood pressure has been staying pretty high lately, and she's always had great blood pressure, not sure what that's about but maybe the doc can shed some light on the situation!

Went out with some of the guys last night, had a great time considering I thought I was going to turn into a pumpkin when it turned midnight, ha! But I did sleep all day today, I'm just not the ol' girl I use to be and I certainly can't run on such minimal sleep!

Going to the Brooks and Dunn concert tomorrow night with my mom! So excited to see them preform and to see Miranda Lambert again! I'm also excited to get dressed up and have a great time! :) I'll post pictures this weekend!

My forehead is peeling from getting burned this weekend, it's incredibly unattractive, but out of my control! Other than that, I'm very thankful no where else has started to peel, I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing does!

Well, I guess that's all I've got for today! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

One fabulous weekend...

Sooooo.... Friday I took off to Tulsa to hang out with Shayla before we left for the weekend festivities! We had dinner and went to Reasors, just hung out before we left for Gore, OK! Around 9pm we left and I had to stop at QT for their fantastic sweet-tea and ended up running into my sweet friend Christine, it was so great to see her and catch up! She is actually moving to Ohio so it was awesome that I actually got to see her before she left!

Then, we headed to Gore...well, after getting lost and taking the scenic route (not on purpose) we finally made it there! -You guys know me, I was ready for bed and the night was just starting! :) We all went down to the river and hung out until after 2... came back to the house and unfortunately I could not sleep... and I knew we had to get up early to float the river and I was most likely going to be not a very happy camper, running on such little sleep! Fortunately for everyone else, I was in a pretty good mood and not to sleepy, clearly running on straight adrenaline. We went to Harps, pretty much one of the only things in Gore before we took out on the day's adventure!

I felt I needed to document this Employee Owned and Operated Store! :)

Then we headed off to the river... here are some pics from before we actually got on the river...

Shayla, Michael, and I

Me and Shay

After a long day on the river... we went back to Chris' parents house and took showers, had din, and headed out to the only bar in Gore!!! I had soooo much fun! We sang, danced, and LAUGHED a lot! It was a fabulous time!

Here are some pictures from the bar!

Shay and Chris
Adam and Michael

The other Michael and I!
Me and Adam
Me and Shay Shay!
Adam, Me, and Derrick!
Derrick and I!

Sunday morning, no one got out of bed until after noon... Chris' parents fixed everybody breakfast, we cleaned up, and headed home! Shay and I stopped at Chilis for lunch then went to Target to admire all of the cute clothes, neither one of us had money for! ha! Then I headed back to Edmond... didn't get home until after 6 and was completely worn out! I was sooooo happy to see my bed!
I had a seriously fabulous time and excited for the new friends I made and more fun to be had with them!
I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apparently God has something different in store for me...

I went in this morning for my insurance exam and unfortunately after all of my studying, I was unsuccessful at passing it. It was a totally different test and even WAYYYYYYY harder than the first... so after crying my eyes out for hours, I finally decided that God must be telling me that he has something different in store for me. So I am seeking his guidance and trusting that he is still in control!

I'm very excited for the weekend though!! Tomorrow I'm heading to T-Town then to the Quah to do some floating and hanging out with my friend Shayla and meeting some new friends! It's been a couple of years since I've been floating, and although I'm not in the best shape of my life and I'm so very girlie to be sweating my butt off in the middle of August , I'm still very excited to get out and let loose for the weekend! Of course, I'll probably be the only girl on the river with my Kentucky Derby hat and makeup on... but most wouldn't expect any less from me! :)

I appreciate you're continued prayers for me and my family! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get to take some time to relax!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Praise Him in this storm...

Been studying here and there and honestly, I don't feel like I'm learning anything more! It's so frustrating. I just keep praying that God would give me the knowledge I need and help me pass this test.

I've been trying to be so positive but sometimes it just seems like the devil keeps showing his ugly face, like every time things start going well, something else goes wrong. I keep trying to remind myself of how blessed I am, I'm in good health, I have an awesome family, he continues to provide for me... but still sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed, thinking when am I going to catch a break???? or when is my family going to catch a break???? Sometimes I just want to scream and say "HEY GOD, WE'RE STILL DOWN HERE COULD YOU HELP US OUT?" and wouldn't I just die if he replied back "YEAH LINDSAY, I SEE YA...AND I'M PROVIDING FOR YOU IN WAYS YOU'RE TO IGNORANT TO SEE!" I mean, I know this, I do. But still sometimes I'm just like what do you have up your sleeve because I feel like I'm drowning down here. It's frustrating, because I feel like I'm closer to God than I have ever been but I'm more confused than ever... it's like when I was farther away, I was better off than I am now... which I know that's not true but that's how I feel sometimes. I mean trust me, I know that he is opening doors that never would have been opened if things wouldn't have changed and I do praise him for that but gosh, it just seems like it's one thing after another. For the past year, I've tried to continuously praise him in this storm but it sure is hard. I was reminded yesterday that he promised me eternal life, what more do I want from Him? But still in my selfish ways- I expect more.
I'm not sure what this blog post was to accomplish, but I needed to let it out, so here it is.

Please be praying for me and my family. I'm not sure what God has in store but I'm trusting that he WILL bring us through this storm.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2 blogs in 1 night... I'm on a roll!

After Monday, the worst day ever... I was reminded that Prevent Blindness Oklahoma was having their Swing for Sight-Tulsa Event on Friday morning and everyone was going down on Thursday night to stay at The Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, so I jumped at the opportunity to get out of town for a bit and help PBO again!
So Thursday my mom and I left for Tulsa because I had a hair appointment at 4 (after my fabulous hair stylist was able to switch my hair appointment around from Saturday to Thursday, she really is the BEST!)

Here is a pic of my mom and I headed to T-Town!

We got to stay at the Hard Rock and it was absolutely AWESOMEEEEE! Here are a few pic's from this fabulous hotel!

Me in the FABULOUS shower! :)
The AWESOME bed!
My incredible new hair!!!
After working Swing for Sight-Tulsa for a little bit, I went and saw my good friend Emily and her sweet daughter Ellie, to celebrate Ellie's birthday! It was so great to see them both and catch up! Then my mom and I went and picked up my cousin, Ricky so he could spend the weekend with us!
On Saturday, my mom and I took Ricky to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art then met up with Doug to go see Despicable Me, the movie turned out better than I expected it to be and the museum was really beautiful! Here are some pictures from the day!
Doug and my mom
My mom, Ricky, and I
Me and Ricky

Beautiful pieces of art at the museum!
Today I took Ricky back home and then went and spent sometime with my dad... unfortunately I didn't take any pics of my dad and I! I'll have to remember to get some next time!
This week I will be studying REALLY hard for my insurance exam again, then taking it on Thursday. Please be praying for me, I am very stressed about being without a job again and having to take this VERY difficult test!
Also, please continue to pray for my grandma! I also have a few unspoken prayer request! Thank you in advance for being my prayer warriors and continuing to pray for me and my family!
I hope all of you have a fabulous week!

Prevent Blindness- Taste for Sight

July 30th, 2010 Prevent Blindness Oklahoma held their annual Taste for Sight event! My mom is the Director of Development for PBO and coordinated the entire event, she did a FABULOUS job! It was a beautiful event for a great cause! I am on the committee for Taste for Sight and was very fortunate to help my mom and PBO put on an excellent event! A big THANK YOU to Lauren Orcutt for donating some of the beautiful decorations along with a big THANK YOU to all the people that actually helped make this event possible! Here are some pictures of this awesome event!

Some of the silent auction items!

Some of the decorations!

Jari Askins came to support Prevent Blindness and I just had to get a picture with her!

Some of the people enjoying the event!

Taste for Sight ice sculpture!

Beautiful decorations!

The very next Friday, August 6th, 2010 was Swing for Sight-Tulsa and we got to stay at the Hard Rock hotel and it was AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!! Pictures will be posted of the weeks events on my next blog! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC evening!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yesterday...WORST DAY EVER.

So, yesterday after studying soooo hard for my insurance exam, I went in and took it, I passed the first test but missed passing the second test by 9 questions! I was upset but honestly really proud of myself for passing any of it! I mean, only 1 in 4 pass this test the first time!!! That's really not good odds when you think about it! Anyway, after the test, I went back to work... called my boss and left a message... after several hours and him still not returning my call, I needed to call him again (considering I had some things in the office that needed to be handled and I didn't know what to do) keep in mind, I was ALL BY MYSELF in the office all day! Well, when he finally answered, the first words out of his mouth was when can you reschedule your test, I told him that I had to wait 24 hours then I could look at the schedule but the lady at the testing center said that they were booked until next week... he proceeded to tell me that he'd have to let me go, since I didn't pass, and that I knew that from the very beginning! I was in absolute shock!!!! I mean, I would have NEVER taken the job if that was the stipulations, I mean I had 2 weeks to study and pass a test the some people NEVER pass... are you kidding me?! Then he said, when I actually passed the test I could come back and reapply for my current position. What a freakin' joke! Well, he continued to tell me that he needed me to work tomorrow (Tuesday) but then he would have his daughter come in for the rest of the week. I couldn't even wrap my head around this idea... he was telling me that he was letting me go, but needed to use me for another day... are you serious???? Needless to say, I left my keys for him on his desk and will not be returning, not now, and not after I get my license! I certainly don't want to work for someone that makes things up as they go and can be so heartless.
So, now it's back to studying so I can pass this insurance exam (next Tuesday) and then back to trying to find a job in the insurance industry!
I'm doing my best to trust that God is still in control, although I feel like I've just been in a hurricane and beaten alive! Please be praying for me, I would so much appreciate it! AND if you know anyone in the insurance business that is looking for someone, I should be licensed by Tuesday!
Thanks so much!

Have a great week!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Study, Study, School is NOT my buddy!

Whoa... what a week I've had! 24 hours of insurance is A LOT to take in, even more to study! I have been studying my butt off for hours and I am sooooo overwhelmed! But doing the best I can and praying God will help me because I don't know how it will even be anywhere possible for me to take my insurance exam this upcoming week and actually pass! I'm suppose to have 25 hours additional study time before taking the test and I don't know about you but that just seems impossible to do in less than a week! But I know God is in control and I can only give it my best and rest assure that he will take care of the rest! So in a nut shell, I'm spending my entire weekend studying, oh boy, doesn't that sound exciting?! I now remember why I dropped out of college, I HATE to study and even more, I HATE taking test, with an absolute passion.

On the upside of things, I did get my new iPhone on Thursday and it is absolutely AMAZING! So much faster than my old one! I just love it! Everyone should get one, then we can face chat! :)

I have a "kind of" an emergency doctors appointment on Monday and when I say emergency I mean, I wouldn't be going normally because I don't have Health Insurance yet but whatever is wrong with my body, can not wait until I get insurance... so please pray that the doctor will be able to fix whatever is wrong or at least get me out of pain until my insurance kicks in!

Taste for Sight is this coming up Friday for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma! Please let me know if you want to come!!!! I would love to see your smiling faces and could get you a free ticket if you would like to volunteer an hour at the event! Free food, wine, and beer! It is DEFINITELY worth an hour of your time! Just let me know ASAP!!!! For more information about the event check out www.preventblindnessok.org/events/tasteforsightokc.aspx or contact me via phone or facebook!

No new news on my grandma, so please keep praying they find something out soon! They are scheduling her an appointment with another specialist so hopefully they will figure out what is wrong and fix it! Thank you for your continued prayers!

It's been over a month since I started my vegeterian lifestyle and so far so good! God has taken away all of my meat cravings completely and I feel so blessed to have a supportive family and friends that make it easier for me to continue on this journey!

Well, I know this was a long entry, but I think I've killed enough time, I better get back to my studying... fun, fun, fun... NOT!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a great week! Please pray that God gives me the knowledge I need to pass my insurance exam and that everything comes out ok with my doctors appointment! Thank you in advance!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Workin' for the weekend

This whole working full time again is for the birds! lol! I really like the paycheck though, so I guess I can't complain to much!

Surprised my mom tonight with Brooks and Dunn tickets for August 20th!! We are both super excited!!! I love them and Miranda Lambert is opening for them!!! She's fabulous in concert, I've seen her before! I'm kind of a concert groupie! :)

Went to dinner tonight at Red Robin with the fam, then to LifeChurch OKC campus to check out their decorations for the "At The Movies" series!!! Here are some pictures from their campus!!!! All super cool! And the movie tonight was "Up" great message, I suggest everyone go and check it out at a Lifechurch near you! You won't be sorry!

Hope you all will take the time to check out Lifechurch "At The Movies"

Well, hoping to get a few things done tomorrow then back to work... Just workin' for the weekend! :) Have a fabulous rest of the weekend and week!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy week, quick update

So... this week was pretty busy with work and all! I'm really liking it and today I feel like I really learned a lot so that's great! I have a class on Tuesday to prep for my insurance license test, thankfully one of the girls in the office is going with me and we will be studying together so that makes me feel a little better, although she's only 19, I am afraid she'll be able to go right through it because she's still in school and her brain is still being used on a regular basis, but I have confidence that I will be able to do it!! So please pray for me!

Grandma had her sleep study this week and we should know more next week... keep praying for her as well! Thank you!!!

I'm so looking forward to enjoying the weekend! AND SLEEPING IN!!!!! Gosh, it's only been a week and I am kinda missing my sleep... although I really love that paycheck! lol In fact, I believe tomorrow I'll go and get the new iPhone, besides my phone has been acting up for a month... it's time for a new one! yayyyyy!

Gotta go weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow, I will be shocked if I actually lost any, considering I've eaten out every single day... although I'm still staying on the Vegetarian diet and I'm really feeling a lot better! It's amazing how much better I feel actually with just cutting out meat, I'm trying to cut down on my dairy intake, but I sure do love these WW ice cream bars! ha! PLUS it's REALLY difficult to cut the dairy out when you aren't cooking for yourself! But I'm working on it and I think no meat is a huge step for me so I'll take it!!! :)

Well, that's all I've got for today! Hope everyone had a fantastic week and has an even better weekend!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy week finally came to an end!

Thursday my grandma went in for a heart procedure, thankfully it wasn't as bad as they thought it was going to be but unfortunately they still aren't sure what exactly is causing her shortness of breath. So, on to the next test! She has a sleep study on Wednesday, and we are hoping maybe that will give us some more answers! Poor thing, she's so tired of not feeling good!

Friday, I started my new job! AND it was FABULOUS! I think I am really going to enjoy it! For the next few weeks I'll be studying to get my insurance license... and hopefully by August, I'll have it!!! I'll keep you post on how all of that is going!

Tomorrow night my uncle and cousin are coming down to celebrate the 4th and visit with my grandma! It should be fun! I'm looking forward to it!

So thankful for all of the men and women who have fought and are still fighting for our country!!! I hope everyone remembers the true reason for the 4th of July, and no it's not for fireworks... although I do love watching them! Hopefully this rain goes away so we actually get to see some!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and gets to enjoy time with family and friends!
<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of the busiest weeks of my life...

As you heard last Friday, I had a job interview! Well I found out yesterday that I GOT THE JOB!!!!!! I am so excited but kind of stressed! My new boss wants me to start this Friday, and as some of you may know, my grandma is having a heart procedure on Thursday with pretty good possibilities of her having to stay in the hospital over night... Praying that everything goes well with my grandma and that I'm well refreshed and ready to start my new job on Friday! I ask that you would join me in that prayer as well!!!

My grandma doesn't seem to be very nervous about her procedure. She's in good spirits, so hopefully all will be ok! We have to be at the hospital at noon tomorrow, and the procedure will be start around 2... poor thing, can't eat or drink anything after 7! My mom is taking off work, that way we will both be there... and we'll just have to play it by ear on how the rest of the night and Friday will go! So please be praying for my grandma, the doctors, nurses, and my family tomorrow! We would really appreciate it!!! Thanks in advance!

So today we spent the day running around and getting everything ready for my grandma... we got all of her legal stuff taken care of... (POA and POD) just in case something crazy was to happen we want to be as prepared as possible. Plus, I think everyone should have those two things in place in case something unexpectedly happened, everything would be taken care of. I guess that's the banker in me, I just know how hectic and crazy things can get if you don't have those things prepared in advance!

Yesterday I drove to Tulsa to get my hair done... my fabulous hair stylist, Lauren, gave me a new color which I am absolutely loving! It's a dark purple-ish red! Just fantastic! I'll post pictures of it soon!
I also went and spent sometime with my dad last night on the way home... it was good to catch up and he was surprisingly very supportive of my recent decision to become a vegetarian! So that was good! It's only been 4 days without meat, and I'm already feeling so much better!!!

As you can see, this week has been pretty busy and only going to get busier! BUT God is in control and I know that he will take care of it all!!! I'll report back soon with an update on all that has happened!
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

J-O-B Interview...

I finally have a job interview! Hoping for the best! My interview is tomorrow at 1:30! Please say a prayer or 10 for me, I need this to be a GREAT job for me!
I hate going to interviews... mostly because I always wish they'd just tell me over the phone what the pay is so I would know not to waste either of our time... but that's just not how it works... hopefully this is everything I need and want in a job and I don't have to spend more time going to pointless interviews! Pray Pray Pray!

But because of my interview, my mom will be taking my grandma to the cardiologist tomorrow, we are hoping to find out something more! So, a prayer for this would be fabulous as well!

Went to my second weigh in at Weight Watchers yesterday! I had lost 3.6 pounds! Which means I've lost over 5 pounds in 2 weeks! So I am very excited! Yay me!

Taste for Sight is coming up in about a month! If anyone has anything they want to donate, I would GREATLY appreciate it, and be glad to come get it from you!!! Just let me know!

Well, nothing much else going on, I hope you are having a fantastic week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Heart of Life is good...

The week has been off to a busy start! Monday was INSANE with all of the flooding around this area... Thankfully we had no damages from all of the water, but it truly was a sight to see! My mom and I took my grandma to get an ECG on Monday but they weren't able to tell us the results until today... turns out they are sending her to a cardiologist because the pulmonologist thinks she has pulmonary hypertension. Soooo... the saga continues. Please pray they figure exactly what it is out and can fix it!

Yesterday was my first weigh in at Weight Watchers... proud to say I lost 2 pounds!!! Hoping next week, I will be able to report a bigger loss considering I'm going to try and exercise a little!

Last Friday my Uncle Rick and cousin Ricky came up and had dinner with us and swam in the pool a little bit! It was good to visit with them and catch up, we just don't see them very often! I wish I would have taken some pictures, but maybe I'll remember next time! I'm sure you find that hard to believe, that the picture queen forgot to take pictures, but it happens! lol! We are trying to plan a little family reunion type thing at Broken Bow... I've never been, so hopefully we can plan that for sometime in the next few months!

I'll keep everyone posted on how my grandma is! Thanks again for your prayers!

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Donations...Donations Please...

Ok, as some of you know, I volunteer for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma as much as possible and I'm on their committee for an event called Taste for Sight. Well, Taste for Sight is July 30th this year in OKC and we are in DESPERATE need of some donations... so, I thought that maybe some of you would like to help! Prevent Blindness Oklahoma is the state's leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight, they provide free vision screenings to all 77 counties in Oklahoma, so chances are, you or your child has received a free vision screening from PBO! Taste for Sight is a wine, beer, and food tasting event and ALL proceeds go back into your communities for helping prevent blindness and saving children's sight! During the event, we have a live band named The Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis (which I'm sure some of you have heard of), a live auction (including a trip to Tokyo, a custom one of a kind designed set of earrings, a spa package worth over $1500, and more), AND a silent auction... This is where I need your help! If you have ANYTHING you would be willing to donate for the silent auction, you will receive a tax receipt (PBO is a 501c3), you will have some signage at the event, and no matter where you are I will come and pick it up from you!!! If you would like to help, please contact me @ lynnzjay@yahoo.com , facebook, or by phone 405.471.7730! We appreciate any of your donations and your time!!!! Also, if you would like to attend this spectacular event, it's only $65 per person! I've attached PBO's website, so you can read more about the event and what they do! http://www.preventblindnessok.org/Events/TasteforSightOKC.aspx

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If You Have To Cry, Go Outside!

So yesterday after running a few errands, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and look around. I picked up Kelly Cutrone's "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You"... I sat down with my java chip frap in hand and started reading... funny because I actually just planned on reading a little bit of it and if I like it, buying it. Instead I found myself sitting there reading the entire thing! Oops, I'm sure Barnes and Noble doesn't appreciate you just reading their books without buying, but oh well! Needless to say I really enjoyed her book. I didn't agree with all of what she had to say, mostly concerning religion, but there were a lot of truths to what she was saying. I recommend picking it up, or maybe just reading it at Barnes and Noble! ha... Try to keep an open mind! Most of the book she talks about finding who you are, finding what you love to do, then doing it and not taking no for an answer... and since the last few months I've been trying to find a j.o.b I really related to what she was saying in a lot of ways. I wish that I could say I read her book and now I know exactly what I want to pursue... unfortunately... I didn't. I definitely know I wouldn't last one minute in the fashion industry, considering the first time some one yelled at me, I'd probably get so mad, I'd cry. Clearly, that wouldn't work. But I really am searching and trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life. Maybe it's time for me to jump feet first into something new.... maybe I should move to Dallas (I've always said I wanted to live there)... maybe I should start an event planning company, considering I probably won't ever have a wedding of my own, maybe I could live vicariously through other people,ha! Well, I guess I'm still searching for what to do with my life! Praying God would provide me with CLEAR guidance.

On another note please say a prayer for a friend of mine, Jennifer Palmer and her family, who will be remembering her daughter Haley, who passed away June 13, 2008. I'm sure this week is probably harder than most for their family and any extra prayer would be appreciated as the continue fighting to find a cure for CF!

Also, my friend Jake Johnson is deployed in Afghanistan and his precious wife, Brittany is home with a one year old and twins on the way!!! Please keep them in your prayers as well!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week! My mom and I are starting Weight Watchers tonight, and for those of you that know me, you know that the thought of this gives me hives and keeps me up at night thinking of what I can eat for the next day to stay in my points... It literally becomes an obsession! EEEEKKKK!!! Hopefully I won't freak out this time, like I have every other time before! Wish me luck!!! (I'm gonna need it!)

Now... what can I have for lunch???? lol
Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A week packed full of events...

Last Thursday was my birthday (for those of you living under a rock that didn't already know,lol) But I celebrate my birthday for an entire week!!! So Tuesday I went and spent sometime with my dad and Thursday my mom and stepdad took me to The Melting Pot for dinner and let me just tell you, IT WAS DELISH!!!! Saturday and Sunday we spent the day putting up an above ground pool for my grandma... I didn't do near as much work as my mom and Doug did but I was EXHAUSTED! I'm just really not the outdoorsy type! :-) But Monday we spent the day in the pool and really just relaxed!

Today, I've spent a few hours trying to find a job online, and I'm not having much luck. But I keep praying and I know God is going to open the right door for me! Please continue to pray!!!

Grandma is starting to feel a little better but still isn't able to breathe very well, so we go back to the doctor tomorrow and the pulmonologist some time later this week! Praying they have some answers! When we saw the pulmonologist last week, he sent her for a CT and come to find out her kidneys are only functioning at 45%... we aren't sure what that's about and if that has anything to do with something else that is causing her not to be able to breathe but hopefully we'll find out something soon! Please keep her in your prayers!

Well, here are some pictures from last weeks events... enjoy!

My dad and I

Me wearing my new sunglasses my mom and Doug got me! LOVE THEM!

Me in my birthday hat that my mom got me!

Me, Doug, and my mom on MY BIRTHDAY!

I hope you guys had a very Happy Memorial Day as well! Thank you to all of the men and women that have served our country and are currently serving! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Swing for Sight- PBO

May 10th I volunteered for Prevent Blindness at their annual Swing for Sight. It was held at Gaillardia Golf Course, and if you have never heard of Gaillardia, it's pretty much the nicest, riches, community in OKC. The facilities were truly amazing! Although they had to clear the course early due to a tornado, and over 124 people had to go into their hot basement for about an hour, it turned out really great! I've included a few pic's from the event!

One of the live auction items!
Inside the ladies restroom!!
That is a GIANT mirror inside the bathroom! It was CRAZY!
That day I had a sore throat but by the time I got home after the long day, I was getting VERY sick!!! After 2 weeks, I'm finally beginning to feel more like a human! I'm still tired all of the time and still have an ear infection, but at least I'm able to breathe better than I have been! My poor grandma has been sick for almost a month with pneumonia and she's still not getting any better, we head back to the doctor on Monday and then to see a pulmonary specialist... hopefully they figure out how to make her better very soon! Please be praying for her.
Still searching for what God wants me to do. I get so frustrated sometimes, because I feel like he's just not speaking to me, in the way that I need him to! But I'm still seeking him.
My birthday is Thursday... which means from Today until NEXT Sunday... I will be celebrating my birthday! We went to Red Lobster tonight so I could have some delightful crab legs, but then it was back home quickly because grandma and I were exhausted. I even had some chocolate cake... which is ironic, because I had planned on starting weight watchers today... now I'm thinking, I'll start NEXT Monday, because it's not very fun to be on a diet the week of your birthday! :-)
That's all I have for now, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm still alive...

I've been sick since last Monday and I'm still not feeling 100% more like about 60%! But, hoping to feel better VERY soon! As soon as I'm up to it, I will post a blog about Swing for Sight (the golf tourney I volunteered for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma last Monday) and the crazy weather we've had lately!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This & That...

It's been a little while since I updated so I thought I would go ahead and say a few things...

I've been helping my mom at Prevent Blindness Oklahoma, they have a big event coming up next Monday called Swing for Sight and they've been going through some changes in staff there so she's really short handed and because I'm unemployed, I have the time to help out. I actually joined their "Taste for Sight" committee, that event is held on July 30th, so don't be surprised if I start hitting some of you up for donations! I don't really know anyone in OKC, and all of my connections are in Tulsa so hopefully you guys reading this will be able to offer a helping hand! Also, thought that being on this committee might help me network to find a job...

Still trying to find a job, well, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life... I keep waiting for God to give me some clear answers but seems like he's not giving them to me, that, or they just aren't clear enough for me! ha!

Still working on forgiving some people... I have about a dozen that seem to be really hard to forgive, but I'm pressing forward and praying for help in that area. This past Sunday, the pastor was talking about Honor... and how "Respect is earned but Honor is given" considering some of the people I need to forgive are most of the people that I'm suppose to be honoring, this seems to be a very difficult thing for me. I mean, how can you honor someone you don't respect? I'm asking for direction and hoping that in time I will figure this out. My timing and God's seem to be a little off, but I'll keep you posted when he clues me in! :)

I'm also back on my Root beer kick, that I thought I had actually kicked several months ago... at least it doesn't have any caffeine, maybe a little better for me than Dr. Pepper... although for those of you that know me(DP ADDIC) I would prefer to have an IV put in of straight Dr.Pepper! Guess that's not possible. :/

Well, I suppose that's all I've got for now... please continue to pray God shows me what he wants me to do with my life! I hope everyone is having an awesome week! Keep Smilin' :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prevent Blindness Oklahoma---Sip for Sight

Friday my mom and I headed to Tulsa to help prepare for the Sip for Sight Gala. The PBO Tulsa office has about 20 stairs, that we had to go up and down, carrying boxes of things needed for the event... well, I just happen to be so graceful, I fell down 3 stairs! Leaving me with some pretty ugly bruises and thoughts of me bursting a breast implant. Classy, I know! After finally getting everything loaded and taken to OSU-Tulsa (Where the event was held) we went to our hotel to get ready for the Patrons dinner... (luckily I got to skip out on that event and go see my best friend Emily and Ellie!) Where they had the Patrons dinner was BEAUTIFUL, a couple volunteered their house for the event! Here are some pictures from it!
Mom and I getting ready for Friday night.

From Left, Melanie-Event Coordinator, The couple that volunteered their house, and Margaret- PBO Tulsa Administrative Assistant

Some of the sponsors for the event

Where some of the guest sat for the fancy dinner!

Beautiful pond at the couples house!

My mom and I didn't get back to the hotel until after midnight on Friday then Saturday we woke up at 7:30am to start another long day!
Here are some pictures from OSU-Tulsa, where we sat everything up for the evenings event!

We went home after setting up to get ready for The Sip for Sight Gala! Here are some pictures from the event! Numerous restaurants came out such as, Chalkboard, The Melting Pot, Charlestons, and many more! With at least 100 different wines to taste!

Me and my mom getting ready for Sip for Sight!

Some of the vendors that helped make this event possible!!!
It was a great evening and raised a lot of money to go towards Children's eye screenings! Thanks to everyone that came out!
What a great weekend! :)