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Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy week, quick update

So... this week was pretty busy with work and all! I'm really liking it and today I feel like I really learned a lot so that's great! I have a class on Tuesday to prep for my insurance license test, thankfully one of the girls in the office is going with me and we will be studying together so that makes me feel a little better, although she's only 19, I am afraid she'll be able to go right through it because she's still in school and her brain is still being used on a regular basis, but I have confidence that I will be able to do it!! So please pray for me!

Grandma had her sleep study this week and we should know more next week... keep praying for her as well! Thank you!!!

I'm so looking forward to enjoying the weekend! AND SLEEPING IN!!!!! Gosh, it's only been a week and I am kinda missing my sleep... although I really love that paycheck! lol In fact, I believe tomorrow I'll go and get the new iPhone, besides my phone has been acting up for a month... it's time for a new one! yayyyyy!

Gotta go weigh in at Weight Watchers tomorrow, I will be shocked if I actually lost any, considering I've eaten out every single day... although I'm still staying on the Vegetarian diet and I'm really feeling a lot better! It's amazing how much better I feel actually with just cutting out meat, I'm trying to cut down on my dairy intake, but I sure do love these WW ice cream bars! ha! PLUS it's REALLY difficult to cut the dairy out when you aren't cooking for yourself! But I'm working on it and I think no meat is a huge step for me so I'll take it!!! :)

Well, that's all I've got for today! Hope everyone had a fantastic week and has an even better weekend!


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  1. Congrats on the new job! And props to you for going the vegetarian route! :) I'm getting ready to start a new eating-plan with David being gone, so it'll be interesting!! Have fun sleeping in this weekend!