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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Study, Study, School is NOT my buddy!

Whoa... what a week I've had! 24 hours of insurance is A LOT to take in, even more to study! I have been studying my butt off for hours and I am sooooo overwhelmed! But doing the best I can and praying God will help me because I don't know how it will even be anywhere possible for me to take my insurance exam this upcoming week and actually pass! I'm suppose to have 25 hours additional study time before taking the test and I don't know about you but that just seems impossible to do in less than a week! But I know God is in control and I can only give it my best and rest assure that he will take care of the rest! So in a nut shell, I'm spending my entire weekend studying, oh boy, doesn't that sound exciting?! I now remember why I dropped out of college, I HATE to study and even more, I HATE taking test, with an absolute passion.

On the upside of things, I did get my new iPhone on Thursday and it is absolutely AMAZING! So much faster than my old one! I just love it! Everyone should get one, then we can face chat! :)

I have a "kind of" an emergency doctors appointment on Monday and when I say emergency I mean, I wouldn't be going normally because I don't have Health Insurance yet but whatever is wrong with my body, can not wait until I get insurance... so please pray that the doctor will be able to fix whatever is wrong or at least get me out of pain until my insurance kicks in!

Taste for Sight is this coming up Friday for Prevent Blindness Oklahoma! Please let me know if you want to come!!!! I would love to see your smiling faces and could get you a free ticket if you would like to volunteer an hour at the event! Free food, wine, and beer! It is DEFINITELY worth an hour of your time! Just let me know ASAP!!!! For more information about the event check out www.preventblindnessok.org/events/tasteforsightokc.aspx or contact me via phone or facebook!

No new news on my grandma, so please keep praying they find something out soon! They are scheduling her an appointment with another specialist so hopefully they will figure out what is wrong and fix it! Thank you for your continued prayers!

It's been over a month since I started my vegeterian lifestyle and so far so good! God has taken away all of my meat cravings completely and I feel so blessed to have a supportive family and friends that make it easier for me to continue on this journey!

Well, I know this was a long entry, but I think I've killed enough time, I better get back to my studying... fun, fun, fun... NOT!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a great week! Please pray that God gives me the knowledge I need to pass my insurance exam and that everything comes out ok with my doctors appointment! Thank you in advance!

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