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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Arkansas...

Well, I brought my mom home (to Arkansas) on Monday... it was an incredibly long drive (longer than usual) but we made it. I've been really having a hard time trying to adjust to the Arkansas way of life... everything is a much slower pace and NO ONE gets in a hurry. Considering I'm a CITY GIRL at heart, this new way of life is far more difficult than I ever expected. I have been looking for a job here, preferably in Little Rock but trying to keep my focus on God's will and not mine (which is VERY difficult). I'm not sure where he is leading me, but I am trusting in his plan. I ask that you would pray for me, pray that I would be placed right where God needs me to be and that I would have peace about it. Right now, I'm away from my doggies (which are my pride and joy) and even though that may sound stupid to you, it's VERY VERY difficult for me. I'm praying that God shows me where he wants me and opens up the doors quickly, I know it will be in his timing but I am praying that it's sooner rather than later so I can get to where I am going to be, settle in, and get my pups back by my side!

Please also be praying for a friend of mine that is traveling to Africa on a Mission Trip in a week... pray for safe travels and the people that she will come into contact with! Her blog is http://accordingtomechel.blogspot.com/ please follow her amazing journey! She inspires me daily with the life she leads! Talk about a woman of God!  :)

Tomorrow, we (my mom, Doug, and I) are headed to Little Rock for me to check out the scene... If anyone knows of a good job in the Hot Springs/ Little Rock/ Benton area PLEASE let me know!

I appreciate your continued prayer! :) Have a great night!


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