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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yesterday...WORST DAY EVER.

So, yesterday after studying soooo hard for my insurance exam, I went in and took it, I passed the first test but missed passing the second test by 9 questions! I was upset but honestly really proud of myself for passing any of it! I mean, only 1 in 4 pass this test the first time!!! That's really not good odds when you think about it! Anyway, after the test, I went back to work... called my boss and left a message... after several hours and him still not returning my call, I needed to call him again (considering I had some things in the office that needed to be handled and I didn't know what to do) keep in mind, I was ALL BY MYSELF in the office all day! Well, when he finally answered, the first words out of his mouth was when can you reschedule your test, I told him that I had to wait 24 hours then I could look at the schedule but the lady at the testing center said that they were booked until next week... he proceeded to tell me that he'd have to let me go, since I didn't pass, and that I knew that from the very beginning! I was in absolute shock!!!! I mean, I would have NEVER taken the job if that was the stipulations, I mean I had 2 weeks to study and pass a test the some people NEVER pass... are you kidding me?! Then he said, when I actually passed the test I could come back and reapply for my current position. What a freakin' joke! Well, he continued to tell me that he needed me to work tomorrow (Tuesday) but then he would have his daughter come in for the rest of the week. I couldn't even wrap my head around this idea... he was telling me that he was letting me go, but needed to use me for another day... are you serious???? Needless to say, I left my keys for him on his desk and will not be returning, not now, and not after I get my license! I certainly don't want to work for someone that makes things up as they go and can be so heartless.
So, now it's back to studying so I can pass this insurance exam (next Tuesday) and then back to trying to find a job in the insurance industry!
I'm doing my best to trust that God is still in control, although I feel like I've just been in a hurricane and beaten alive! Please be praying for me, I would so much appreciate it! AND if you know anyone in the insurance business that is looking for someone, I should be licensed by Tuesday!
Thanks so much!

Have a great week!

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