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Monday, August 16, 2010

One fabulous weekend...

Sooooo.... Friday I took off to Tulsa to hang out with Shayla before we left for the weekend festivities! We had dinner and went to Reasors, just hung out before we left for Gore, OK! Around 9pm we left and I had to stop at QT for their fantastic sweet-tea and ended up running into my sweet friend Christine, it was so great to see her and catch up! She is actually moving to Ohio so it was awesome that I actually got to see her before she left!

Then, we headed to Gore...well, after getting lost and taking the scenic route (not on purpose) we finally made it there! -You guys know me, I was ready for bed and the night was just starting! :) We all went down to the river and hung out until after 2... came back to the house and unfortunately I could not sleep... and I knew we had to get up early to float the river and I was most likely going to be not a very happy camper, running on such little sleep! Fortunately for everyone else, I was in a pretty good mood and not to sleepy, clearly running on straight adrenaline. We went to Harps, pretty much one of the only things in Gore before we took out on the day's adventure!

I felt I needed to document this Employee Owned and Operated Store! :)

Then we headed off to the river... here are some pics from before we actually got on the river...

Shayla, Michael, and I

Me and Shay

After a long day on the river... we went back to Chris' parents house and took showers, had din, and headed out to the only bar in Gore!!! I had soooo much fun! We sang, danced, and LAUGHED a lot! It was a fabulous time!

Here are some pictures from the bar!

Shay and Chris
Adam and Michael

The other Michael and I!
Me and Adam
Me and Shay Shay!
Adam, Me, and Derrick!
Derrick and I!

Sunday morning, no one got out of bed until after noon... Chris' parents fixed everybody breakfast, we cleaned up, and headed home! Shay and I stopped at Chilis for lunch then went to Target to admire all of the cute clothes, neither one of us had money for! ha! Then I headed back to Edmond... didn't get home until after 6 and was completely worn out! I was sooooo happy to see my bed!
I had a seriously fabulous time and excited for the new friends I made and more fun to be had with them!
I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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