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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Probably shouldn't... but I'm gonna!

I should start this by saying... I probably shouldn't be writing this. Partly because I have nosey people that read my stuff whom I haven't seen or spoke to in 10+ years and partly because I'm going to ask you guys to pray for my dad and he's not much for being brought up on my social networking sites, but none the less... I feel like I need to say a few things and I feel like I need my prayer warriors help!

I found out Tuesday that my uncle (dad's brother) was found dead on Monday, now let me say, I have only met this man once (that I can actually remember) and so I really had no relationship what so ever with him, for good reasons. (Wayyyyy to personal for me to put here and really none of anyones concern) So the last few days I have been processing and trying to sort emotions that I really thought were non-existent... this will sound heartless but my feelings and emotions really have nothing to do with the death of my uncle, but more for my dad who is and will have to continue dealing with things that he hasn't had to for 20+ years. After I was born my dad had to make some decisions that would be best for me, my mom, and him in the long run, decisions that no person should have to make or have to deal with/ go through, but like I said, were for the best. The most altering decision was having to remove himself, my mom, and me from any relationships with some of his side of the family. Of course there is a lot that goes into this story and what brings me to writing this blog in the first place but I feel you just need to know the basics. I am asking for prayer for my dad because he is and will continue to have to deal with his family (the part that he hasn't seen or spoke to in years) and you can imagine how difficult this is. Not only did he lose his brother but he has to deal with ghost of the past and we all know what a pain that can be. And even though I did not know my uncle very well, there are still people (as with any death) that are affected by his untimely passing, please say a prayer for those people as well.

Thank you in advance for your prayers, I know I can always count on you guys to lift me and my family up in prayer when needed! Thanks again!

Try to stay warm! xoxo

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