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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of the busiest weeks of my life...

As you heard last Friday, I had a job interview! Well I found out yesterday that I GOT THE JOB!!!!!! I am so excited but kind of stressed! My new boss wants me to start this Friday, and as some of you may know, my grandma is having a heart procedure on Thursday with pretty good possibilities of her having to stay in the hospital over night... Praying that everything goes well with my grandma and that I'm well refreshed and ready to start my new job on Friday! I ask that you would join me in that prayer as well!!!

My grandma doesn't seem to be very nervous about her procedure. She's in good spirits, so hopefully all will be ok! We have to be at the hospital at noon tomorrow, and the procedure will be start around 2... poor thing, can't eat or drink anything after 7! My mom is taking off work, that way we will both be there... and we'll just have to play it by ear on how the rest of the night and Friday will go! So please be praying for my grandma, the doctors, nurses, and my family tomorrow! We would really appreciate it!!! Thanks in advance!

So today we spent the day running around and getting everything ready for my grandma... we got all of her legal stuff taken care of... (POA and POD) just in case something crazy was to happen we want to be as prepared as possible. Plus, I think everyone should have those two things in place in case something unexpectedly happened, everything would be taken care of. I guess that's the banker in me, I just know how hectic and crazy things can get if you don't have those things prepared in advance!

Yesterday I drove to Tulsa to get my hair done... my fabulous hair stylist, Lauren, gave me a new color which I am absolutely loving! It's a dark purple-ish red! Just fantastic! I'll post pictures of it soon!
I also went and spent sometime with my dad last night on the way home... it was good to catch up and he was surprisingly very supportive of my recent decision to become a vegetarian! So that was good! It's only been 4 days without meat, and I'm already feeling so much better!!!

As you can see, this week has been pretty busy and only going to get busier! BUT God is in control and I know that he will take care of it all!!! I'll report back soon with an update on all that has happened!
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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