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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I just might scream!

Let me fill you in on the adventures of my day so far!!!!! I started this morning at 6:15 and for those of you that know me you know 2 things, 1. I'm unemployed and not use to waking up that early and 2. I am not a morning person. Anyway, I got ready and headed out for my 45 minute commute to the Unemployment workforce mandatory meeting that started at 8:15. I get there and when asked if I brought my two forms of ID I say yes then proceed to look for them. My social security card(of which I've always carried in my wallet) was no where to be found... so I ask the gentleman with no personality if there were any other forms of ID I could use because apparently I had misplaced my second form of ID, he then rudely responds, telling me I could use my social security card, birth certificate, or my passport. Well, I don't know how many of you carry around your birth certificate... but I do not. AND I don't even have a passport, for God's sakes, I'm on unemployment I don't make enough money to travel out of the states!!!!! So Mr.No Personality tells me that I have to go get one and bring it back, so I ask if I could just reschedule and he says "NO, you have to go get it and bring it back before 10am!" As I walk out the door in tears because not only have I lost my social security card but I have to make the trip back home (45min) and then back to this God forsaken place before 10am, which it was now 8:50. I get in the car, frantically calling my mom PRAYING she has my birth certificate somewhere I can find easily at her house and head there. Get there, pick up my birth certificate and return back to the Unemployment workforce office as fast as I can. When I walk in, the same Mr.No Personality says you'll need your ID after your finished with all of the computer paper work! UGH! So I begin all of the paper work online trying to finish as fast as possible when the site won't load my information right, then this lady, Miss.No Personality tells me that I must be doing something wrong on the computer for my paper work to not be loading correctly, I proceed to tell her, in not so nice of a voice, that I am not stupid and VERY aware of how to use a computer. She says "Well move, let me do it!" after she is unsuccessful at loading it correctly she says "Must be something wrong with the site." WELL NO KIDDING, ISN'T THAT WHAT I JUST SAID??? UGH! Ok, so I get everything finally done that is required and they tell me that I have to wait to speak with someone to go over it all! I'm thinking to myself "REALLY?" ugh. So this lady (somewhat pleasant) comes out, greets me, and takes me into her office. As I sit down I tell her "I'm really just wanting to go to cosmetology school considering I've been burned so bad by the finance industry I would just like to change career's!" She says "Well, have you filled out your FAFSA" Me: "I tried to but it kept asking for information about my family and their income/tax info" Her: "Let me guess, your under 24, no kids, and not married?" Me: "Yes." Very puzzled as to what that had to do with anything, she then says "Well, because you are under 24, no kids, and not married, the federal government goes off of your parents information!" I said, "Wait a minute, I file my own taxes, don't live with my parents and haven't for several years, why would I need to use their info?" Her: "That's just how it goes, you'd be better off it you were a single mother, then you would get it all paid for." I was so frustrated and floored by the fact that because I'm a responsible young adult, that pays my taxes and votes but didn't get knocked up, or married, I am penalized for it, but if I could just pop a child out real quick I could get it all paid for? Now tell me, DOES THAT MAKE A BIT OF SENSE TO YOU???? Needless to say I told her "I just might scream!!!" She looked at me and said "well, just stay positive" As I left I said "All my positivity has gone for the day, you'll have to check back tomorrow!" She smiled, I did NOT. Oh, and you know that second form of ID I HAD to have??? Yeah, no one even asked for it. Talk about frustrating!!!!

So, I'm looking for anyone that might just have about $10,000 sitting around that they would like to donate to my cosmetology school fund, I would greatly appreciate it! ha!

Now, I guess I'll look for something else to do, even though I sure thought that was what God was leading me to... Please pray that he would show me and open the right doors for me to do what he wants me to.

On my way home I saw this:

And although I had a terrible day, at least the sun is shining and soon this tree will be full of beautiful leaf's! God is still in control.

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