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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loving this beautiful weather!

Isn't it so nice to finally see Spring, I feel like Winter last a lot longer than it usually does! I'm loving being able to wear flip flops and sundresses! :)

Sunday was a total success at the Thunder game for Prevent Blindness of Oklahoma! We gave out 600 silly glasses before it was even half time. I'm glad I was able to be apart of it, although I thought I was going to scream at first because we were given the wrong time to be there to set up, but in the end, it all worked out! We left after half time and it was nice to not have to walk a mile in the dark! I'm really liking having the extra day light!

I decided yesterday that I needed to make my nails more Spring like! Here is a picture of my super cute spring nails!
Then today, I was trying to take out the trash and I smashed my beautiful nail with the flower on it in the lid. Blood went everywhere and it hurt SOOOO bad, for you ladies that have ever broken a nail, you know that it will literally bring you to your knees... so tomorrow, I will go get it fixed, although I know it's going to hurt really bad, I just can't handle going around with a missing nail. I'm such a girl. :)
We go tomorrow morning with my grandma to get her biopsy done, we should know if it's cancer or not by Thursday! Please pray that it's nothing serious! Thanks in advance!
Also, next Friday I go check out a cosmetology school, I'm hoping that everything works out so that I can go to school, with minimum debt! I'm still praying that God will show me exactly what it is that he wants me to do! I know he is in control!
Other than that, I hope you can take the time to enjoy this beautiful weather!! :) Happy Tuesday!

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